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Nutri-H is a low protein feed (10%) with a low level of energy but does excellent in sports that require a higher level of energy, such as endurance riding, by adding extra energy in the form of cold pressed canola oil, sunflower oil, corn oil or Bergafat.

Ingredients of Nutri-H:

Clipped Oats, full fat soya, whole sunflower seeds, liquid molasses, lucerne “chaff”, limestone, salt, Moldzap, Premix, Prosacc and low protein pellets. The pellets consist ofWheat bran (without pollard), lucerne, oaten bran, liquid molasses and SGO.

Feeding instructions:

Feed 1.5% to 2% of the horse’s body weight or as instructed by a veterinarian or horse nutritionist.  Always ensure accessibility to ample good quality roughage and clean drinking water.

Weight per bag: 40 kg

Deon Steyn is a farmer of Hopefield (Western Cape Province) in South Africa. Hopefield is 115 km from Cape Town. The town is well known for its beautiful fynbos and during spring, the area becomes a multi-coloured tapestry of flowers and heath.

Nutri-H horse feed, is owned by Deon Steyn. During the period from 2003 to 2009, Nutri-H was manufactured on and distributed from his beautiful farm, Sterhuis.

Since November 2009, Nutri-H horse feed is manufactured for Deon Steyn at Equi-Feed’s factory at Fisantekraal close to Durbanville.


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