Equi-Feeds Horse Fibre Plus (Meal)


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An effective way to boost your horses digestible fibre intake using an economical blend of high quality roughage with added Omega 3 oils and molasses for flavour. A palatable low protein meal to boost condition in ponies and horses.
​After clean water, fibre is the second most important dietary requirement. Two thirds of the horses digestive capacity is devoted to the digestion and absorption of nutrients from fibre.

Suitable for horses and ponies that require:
A low protein, high fibre diet for condition
A premium quality blended hay to boost the quality fibre intake
A sprinkling of molasses making this a palatable mix for picky eaters
An easily digested meal for horses with a reduced chewing capability.

Roughage supplement for Full Grown Horses, Brood Mares, Yearlings and Stallions.

Ingredient Statement:
Shandy Chaff, Lucerne Chaff, Oat Hay, Vegetable Oil, Molasses.




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