Equi-Feeds Horse Pasture Plus (Meal) 20kg


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A low energy blend of premium quality hay fibre and oaten hull pellets mixed with omega oils. This is a molasses free low protein meal that can be fed as an additive to boost the quality roughage intake.

Suitable for horses and ponies that require:
Low energy high fibre diet when roughage is of poor quality or limited.
Premium quality lucerne as a natural acid buffer for horses that are prone to ulcers.
A high oil diet, with Omega 3 oils adding a slow release energy to the ration
An easily digested meal for horses with a reduced chewing capability.

Feeding Instructions:
Chaff should be fed at a minimum of 1% body weight daily. Feeding quantities differ according to body weight, condition, metabolism, work intensity and amount of concentrated feed and other roughage fed daily.

Roughage Supplement for Full Grown Horses, Brood Mares and Yearlings.

Ingredient Statement:
Lucerne, Soya Husks, Oat By-Products, Hay By-Products, Canola Oil




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