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Low Calorie Balancer is a concentrated source of essential nutrients which may be used to complement diets consisting of roughage (hay) and pasture only, as well as those being fed straight grains and/or a combination of the above. Balancers as their name suggests, are designed to be used in conjunction with other available feed sources where the aim is to “balance” the total nutrient requirement.

The Low Calorie Balancer is suitable for “good doers” that don’t need traditional concentrates to ensure their overall health.

Quality protein sources are provided, to supply essential amino acids to maintain and repair muscle and other tissues.

In addition, Low Calorie Balancer is low in starch and sugar, meaning it is suitable for equines prone to issues such as Laminitis, or Cushings. Yea-Sacc 1026 ® is provided in order to support fibre-digesting bacteria, general gut health and digestive efficiency.


Low Calorie Balancer is designed to be fed alongside good quality hay and/ or pasture.

To ensure a healthy gut, good quality forage should be provided at 1.5% of bodyweight per day (7.5kg for a 500kg horse) , with an absolute minimum of 1% if calories need to be restricted.

Always ensure the minimum roughage requirement is met and then adjust the amount of Low Calorie Balancer depending on condition and workload.

It is recommended that 100g per 100kg of body weight be fed per day however this may vary depending on the type, age, workload, type of additional concentrate (if any) and roughage that the horse is fed.

Low Calorie Balancer is highly concentrated, and the recommended daily intake should not be exceeded without consultation.

It is very important to ensure that your horse is fed the correct portion of food by weight, not by volume! All feeds have different densities and thus do not weigh the same. Therefore, it is very important to establish exactly what weight (kg) your scoop holds of the specific product you are feeding.

Always introduce any new feed or product over a period of 7-14days and ensure fresh water is always available.




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