Equi-Feeds Warmblood 12% meal


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New 12% Equi-Feeds Warmblood Meal is a maize free, low GI feed providing low to medium energy. This palatable muesli feed contains elevated vitamins and minerals. The product is suitable for all breeds of horses and ponies in light to moderate work. The NSC (Sugar and Starch) content is below 265g/kg. The Feed contains no ‘free’ molasses making it an ideal feed for horses suffering from any metabolic disorders including Equine Molasses sensitivity, Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) / Insulin Resistance or Equine Cushings Disease (PPID).

Suitable for:​
Any horse or breed where the individual can only receive a limited quantity of concentrates
Ponies and horses in light to moderate work
South African indigenous breeds e.g. Boerperd, Friesperd and Percheron
Dressage, Showing, Show Jumping & Driving
Horses that require a low molasses feed

Features and Benefits:
Maize-free ration for horses and ponies that tend to become hyperactive when receiving maize
Palatable feed with no free molasses
Contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese and selenium for strong bones and joints
Contains biotin, zinc, copper, methionine, choline and calcium for hoof growth
Fortified with vitamins and minerals

Feeding Instructions:
Feed ponies 2 – 4 kg and horses 4 – 6 kg daily according to body weight, condition, and work intensity, with good quality hay.

Feed only to the intended species.
Mass: 40kg




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