Spurwing Paddock Plus 11% 40kg


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A complete, balanced ration incorporating redgrass hay as soluble fibre, full fat soya, high conditioning ingredients and a full range of vitamins and minerals. Due to the low sugar content, it is excellent for laminitic horses and those suffering from Cushings.

KEY FEATURES: Non-heating, high fibre, grain free, soluble fibre source, low non-structural carbohydrates

WORKLOAD: Light work / Post op recovery and / or box rest

KEY INGREDIENTS: Redgrass hay, optimum vitamin inclusion

IDEAL FOR: Drought conditions, Cushings & Laminitis, rest & recovery, the older horse



Protein   11%

Digestible Energy   10MJ/kg

Oil           4.1%

Fibre   87%

Calcium   0.8%

Phosphorus   0.4%

Lysine   0.3%


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